Sunday, March 23, 2008

"We were told"~Written By A Typrical White Person

*When the news released information that Obama went to a Muslim school, we were told it was a lie and he went to a fine Catholic School.

* When Obama took off his lapel pin of the American flag were told that he was electing not to wear "that pin" that they had worn since Sept 11th. because he was going to show us he was patriotic.

*When pictures emerged of him during the National Anthem of him standing without his hand over his heart, we were told we were just reading things into it and that it is an option to put our hands over our hearts.

* When the news released information about Obama and Rezko's affiliations, we were told it was a lie and only worked for the Rezko case for 5 hrs.

* When we heard Michelle Obama say " for the first time in my life I am proud to be an American" we were told we misunderstood her and she meant because she doesn't like the present administration.

* When Michelle Obama's Racist Thesis was released, we were told it was just something she wrote as a kid and " you know how kids say things".

* When pictures emerged with Obama in his muslim wear, we were told it was a smear on Hillary's part and he just was visiting and in traditional clothing. No mention was made to a different picture, in different Muslim clothing that his brother released of him with the family.

* When word came out that his Grandmother was Muslim, we were told by Obama that she was Christian even though she said she is Muslim. Silly Granny was probably just confused, right?

* When Obama's Church gave Ferrakhan a life time achievement award, we were told that it is just guilty by association.

*When it was reported that Obama is friends with William Ayers, the pentagon bomber and even his spokesman said " they are friendly" we were told guilt by association.

* When It was reported that Obama was Muslim, we were told "oh no he is a good Christian and has belonged to the same good Christian church for 20 years"

* When the video's came out of his racist, anti American pastor were released, we were told this was his former pastor and he had retired and we didn't understand all the good this Church had done.

* When we watched Obama in an interview about the videos, we were told he was never in the church or heard the rantings. of the pastor but 2 days later in a speech he admitted he heard the rants and racist comments, we were told his speech was like Abe Lincoln. Very Presidential.

* When he came out and gave a speech on race to explain why he sat in a church and listened to these racist sermons and we were told Wright was like Obama's Uncle and were walked through 500 yrs of slavery and listened as he threw everyone under the bus, even his grandmother, but never once answered why he still sat and listened to the racist, anti-American venom for 20 years. We were told this was an Abe Lincoln type of Speech. Bravo!

*When the interview came out and Obama had called his Grandmother " a typical white person" we were once again told we misunderstood him.

At what point will the excuses stop and Americana's will open there eyes to his man.

-Written by a Typical White Person