Saturday, March 15, 2008

Obama's Pastor Says "God Damn America"

Obama has come out now and is claiming that he hadn't heard his pastor say things like this before and if he had then he would have denounced it. He is making sure that everyone knows that the pastor has retired. What a coincidence!

CNN was on damage control now trying to get voters to believe that this was an isolated speech and that it was one of this last speeches. Well unless this man changes his African dress multiple times during a speech, then it appears that it is on many occasions, not just one isolated case.

Obama is clearly lying. This pastor has not suddenly changed. His racist ideas and anti American and vile comments obviously have been spewing from his mouth his entire life. So you have to wonder what sort of man would sit and listen to this type of rant for over 20 yrs?

Obama had him marry him. He has him baptize his children, he has traveled with him, he used Wright's speech "Audacity of Hope" to write his book. So I'm thinking that Obama was extremely close with him.

Now that the video's have been released and the public is responding negatively to the pastor's views, suddenly Obama "wasn't aware of the pastor saying these things".

Surely no sane person would believe that!