Saturday, March 1, 2008

Let's Meet Michelle Obama~Obama's Thesis

I think that from the statements that Obama`s wife has made since the start of this campaign shows she is a racist. Her comments about how Obama will "do for our people if he is president."

Also we all know that on 2 separate occasions Michelle Obama gave speeches stating "that for the first time in her adult life" she is proud of her country. Quickly all the videos of her giving this speech were replaced with videos of her saying " for the first time in my adult like I am REALLY proud of my country".

All the CNN and other media were on damage control explaining she really was talking about the government.

(You can go to our archives and revisit the speech and see what she really said.)

Who is Michelle Obama? Well she is a neo-racist black and the recipient of so much institutional generosity yet she spat back at the white establishment as veiled well-wrought criticism, but really nothing more than deep-seated unmitigated hate for whites. She has had more opportunities than most and so she needs to get over it.

The Obamas are black first and American second. We are all being fooled by this second-rate car salesman with a black agenda, not an American one...

Let's take a look at Michelle Obama's Thesis and see if this is a paper a "First Lady Of the United States" should have written.

If you think of the racist message their church is sending out and think about this paper, makes one wonder how could they focus on anything other than their "blackness" (as Michelle states)

Click Here To Read Michelle Obama's Thesis