Saturday, March 1, 2008

Obama's Pastor's & Church Interview

He's going to unite us? can you even imagine spending 5 minutes with this man, let alone over 20 yrs!

That's right! Obama has sat and listened to his man's racist comments, for 20 yrs! He has traveled with him, he named his book after this man's speech " Audcity to Hope", he even traveled to Kenya to reach out to his fathers' Muslim roots based on this mans advice and took the film crew with him, once again because Rev. Wright told him to.

He joined Wright's so called "Church" based on Wrights advice because Wright told him it didn't look good that if he wanted to get into politics, it didn't look good if he wasn't in a church. So Obama joined this man's racist Church.

Obviously he is close with this man and looks to Wright for guidance. So you ask yourself if this is a man who you think will not be racist and will unite us? I can't even imagine how he could.

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