Monday, March 3, 2008

Obama Lies About Creating Jobs And Change~Again

Obama keeps saying he has experience and is running commercials claiming he is going to create jobs and giving his speeches about creating jobs. The people scream, cheer, and even pass out at his words.

So what has he done? What will he do? The following post was written by a voter from Illinois. Let's see what they have to say about the Media's Golden Child.

" I haven't figured out why people are defending Obama - he has no track record to speak of. He cannot even run his own state, trust me when I say this (I am from Illinois) - here is the facts - when they voted to increase income to the school system here in Illinois, he voted against that. When they voted to increase and better the health care for veterans - he voted against it. When they voted to reform health care in Illinois - he voted against it. When AMERIN power company went wild to unfreeze a rate hike (and I mean outrageous) he, the attorney general and other politicians had found a substantial donation into their bank accounts (proven fact) to the point that most of us normal Americans will never see in our life time. When he was on the floor with Senator Dick Durbin and other constituents they couldn't get federal funding programs for his own state. Wake up people and think - if he cannot not take care of his own state how do you think he will make America better?? If he cannot obtain a workable health care system in Illinois how can he make promises to the entire United States. Trust me.... Illinois is the worst state in the country in all avenues. I am not saying that Hillary would be any better but lets face it when Billy was in office this country was very good economically - people were working, gas was down in price, food prices were at a medium - it was good. And that is what matters the most.

If you want the economy to go back to the way it use to be (good) then you better at least look at Hillary. This is my prediction - whoever gets into office will have to spend their entire first term fixing what Bush has screwed up. Their health care proposal will never get off the ground. Foreign policy - neither of them will make an impact other than Hillary will have the edge just because the foreign countries really like Bill Clinton. Stop and think about this election..........

As a retired Navy veteran myself, all I have heard is lets support the troops and that they are all heroes - keep in mind that it is an all volunteer military force with the exception of the officer community which serve at the pleasure of the president and has the opportunity to resign at any give time - unlike enlisted which has a contract and not way out. My point - if we are all about taking care of our troops then why hasn't congress approved an increase across the board pay raise to equal the economy inflation???
I have not heard anything from either candidates on the military pay raise.

Think about it folks........ "CHANGE"??????? it will take over 4 years to makes things happen just because whoever is in office will spend that time cleaning up Bush mess."

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