Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Veteran's Thoughts On Obama

I read this post and I wanted to share it with you. Please pass this around to your family and friends.

tnflash19736:05PMMay 27th 2008

I'm a veteran and in reading some of the republican responses, which I agree on, I have to comment on one comment about taking on Iran. First off ALL soldiers are volunteers. We weren't drafted nor were we made to go anywhere. We voluteered when we raised our hand and swore to DEFEND this country from terrorists foreign or domestic. We fight so you Obama supporters can run your damn mouths and be negative about what we're doing. You speak negatively about what we're doing and you want us to retreat before we finish our job which if we do you'll pay for dearly. Bottomline is when you retreat the bad guy gains the ground. The country wasn't made free without a fight and in continuing the freedom we volunteered to continue the fight.
Obama turned his back on the flag and to me that speaks volumes. There's no excuse for it and it's a terrorist offense in my book. He won't sing the Star Spangled Banner because it's offensive so I ask you won't it be offensive to you when he raises a muslim backed flag atop the White House? Then you'll call on the volunteers to do something. Quit running your mouth about something you know nothing about. Iran is a threat and to them we are infidels whom they want nothing more than to kill. I say get them before they get us.
McCain is a vet that has seen hell and lived it. He lives by our code of never leaving a man behind. Obama would certainly forget us and you too. Let us do our job so that you can keep protesting. As long as you're able to do that then we know we're doing our jobs!!!