Thursday, April 3, 2008

Obama's New Presidential Commerical

I saw this and it just dawned on me how this man is manipulating the American people. First he started his campaign and hit all the black churches, black colleges and heavily populated black cities.

He had the media taking pictures of his "step Grandmother" in Kenya (who he never met) and made sure he was very embedded in the black community to prove he was " black enough" to get their votes. Mission accomplished. The black community has over looked the fact that he is 50% white, 25% Arabic and only 25% black. They claim him as their candidate and he has their vote no matter what comes out about him.

Then he moved on to the colleges. Handing out T shirts that Oprah probably paid for and holding huge rally's to get the College kids on board. In a few interviews I heard students being interviewed saying "they only attended to cut class, to get a free shirt, because everyone else was going, because it was something to do." Getting College students to side with a controversial candidate is not a big thing to accomplish. Let's face it if a College girl will take her shirt off in public for a set of plastic beads, getting a person to vote for you and scream is easy if you give them a T shirt.

Then he moves on to the Latinos. How can he attract a group of people he has never helped? He has never reached out to? Oh that's a simple task, offer Bill Richarson a possible VP position or another cabinet position and Voila, he steps out in support of Obama and now the Latinos are on board.

Tree huggers? No problem. Just make an announcement that Al Gore would be given top a position if he becomes president.

Who else? Oh yeah, the "typical white people" Well, here is a commercial for them. Make note, there aren't any Latinos, no Blacks. Just lots of "typical white people".

So heads up "white people" this commerial is for you!