Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Obama Lies On "the View"

Obama appears on "The View" and continues with his lies. Let's see, first he said in an interview that he wasn't in the Church when Wright said those things. Then he gave his speech on race and said he was there. Then after the speech he did another radio interview and said he wasn't there. This was the same interview he called his Grandmother a "typical White person". Now he is saying he didn't hear those things. I find it interesting that the media is slamming Hillary for Lying about Bosnia when she really was there, she just made it sound like she was dodging bullets. But I don't see why this is not an issue with Obama lying repeatedly over this Wright issue. The man obviously was aware of the hate filled, anti American, racist comments this man makes on a regular basis. I just can't imagine putting a man in the White House with this kind of man as his spiritual leader.